Trained in senior care, mental health and geriatric pharmacy, our Consultant Pharmacists provide ongoing monitoring for appropriate, effective and safe patient medication use. Our Consultant Pharmacists are nationally trained and knowledgeable in the current accepted Clinical Practice Standards.

Our consultants can help you with federal and state regulatory compliance as well as the complexities of insurance and financial issues.

Our Consultant Pharmacists are also educators, providing ongoing in-service programs to your healthcare staff on current medication topics. They are the liaison between the pharmacy and nursing staff as part of your interdisciplinary team in order to provide optimum care for your patients.

Our Consultant Pharmacists provide routine Medication Regimen Reviews (MRR) of all patients, which include:

  • Formulary management
  • Nursing recommendations for medication therapy
  • Physician recommendations for medication therapy

We provide you with a complete report summarizing our consultant's recommendations to improve your facility's processes. We also provide quarterly reports on your facility's pharmaceutical services and nursing staff's medication therapy performance.

Other reports we provide include:

  • Psychoactive drug usage
  • Unnecessary medication utilization
  • Recommendation outcome trending for all homes
  • Medication utilization
  • Economic impact, showing potential cost and time savings from order changes

This expert analysis and advice can have a direct impact on your patient's quality of life and your financial performance. Our expertise combined with state of the art consulting software improves patient outcomes and helps to reduce cost.