PayLess offers unparalleled experience and compassion in serving the needs of people experiencing mental illness and those who assist in their recovery. We work with prescribers, nurses and case managers to manage medication systems for mental health clinics, residential sites and agencies, and offer the most experienced Clozapine monitoring system in the northwest.

Mental Health Services for Clinics

As the first pharmacy to offer adherence packaging to mental health communities, we recognize the need to free up expensive nursing time for other duties. Our custom adherence packaging system allows the Pharmacist to administer medication to clients, secure in the knowledge that it has been correctly verified by our expert pharmacists.

PayLess coordinates medications by all providers writing prescriptions and eliminates the need for multiple trips to the pharmacy. Medications can be delivered to your clinic or mailed directly to a patient. We also send reminders with mailed prescriptions that alert patients to see their doctor when refills are needed. Refill requests are then faxed to the prescriber when the last prescription is used, allowing time to see patients prior to refill if needed.

Mental Health Services for Residential Living

PayLess understands that each home and organization is unique, so we offer a customized approach. We work with your residential site, clinic or agency to assess which services make sense for you. PayLess has experience with residential treatment homes, residential treatment facilities, secure residential facilities, supported living, programs offering Psychiatric Review Board Services, and Housing First programs. We understand the differences and nuances between these, and design programs that perform for your staff and clients.

We work with the various state or county agencies that oversee your residential homes to ensure your rules and regulations for medication are being met. We also help you understand the complex insurance issues involved. Our pharmacy solutions are smooth and consistent among all sites so that your staff, including the on-call pool, can comfortably move from site to site, knowing the pharmacy system.

Flexible, Dedicated Solutions

Our systems are designed to follow the patient through the step down process, from hospital to residential, to supported living and on to independence, helping your patient with their medication at each step to reach their personal goal. We want your residents to be able to experience life, and offer packaging for them to take to school, their work place, or on vacations. Our billing specialist also provides custom solutions. We can set up each home to individual specifications, or implement consistent systems so that a group of homes all work in the same way. We keep abreast of insurance company changes and provide a prior authorization department to work with doctors to meet the needs of your residents. We also offer a dedicated medical records expert to make sure your medical records process works for you, and a full service Durable Medical Equipment department to meet your needs.

Easy, Fast Documentation

Our online MARs ensure that your paperwork meets the high standards required and allow you to make changes on your timeline. Capable of printing a physician's order to send to doctor appointments, our online MARs allows you to order refills, print physician orders or communicate changes to your medical records staff.

The Most Experienced Clozapine Monitoring Program

Clozapine is an atypical antipsychotic drug for treatment-resistant schizophrenia requiring strict adherence to federal guidelines for blood monitoring. Our Clozapine monitoring department is the most experienced in the Northwest, comprised of phlebotomists with a combined 25 years of laboratory experience, not just phlebotomy training, so we understand both the illness and the requirements of the medication.

Using FDA guidelines, we monitor blood levels and report to the case manager, nurse or provider any results or unusual occurrences we encounter for your patient. We provide notification when the patient has reached the time requirements to move on to a different monitoring schedule, and we also offer courtesy draws in some areas.