We work with many correctional facilities and recognize the unique needs of your situation. Our clinical pharmacist can serve as a member of your facility's Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) and Quality Assurance (QA) Committees, playing an integral part of your inmate patient care. Our flexible, customized solutions for your inmates and staff include:

Medication Distribution
  • Daily standardized and emergency deliveries. Cycle fills are optional.
  • Generic medications are often available in order to reduce cost.
  • All orders are delivered same day or next day direct to your facility.
  • All orders are secure - signed for upon delivery and tracked by our pharmacy.
  • We can provide new, locking medication carts for transportation, storage, and administration of all medications and supplies.

Our custom packaging system allows medication dispensing to inmates, secure in the knowledge that it has been correctly verified by our expert pharmacists.

  • Flexible, easy ordering systems so you can use the process that works for you. Order toll-free by phone, fax or online.
  • We provide 2-part, peel-off reorder labels to increase ordering efficiency.
  • Packing slips with product details are included with each order to ensure accuracy.
Emergency Medication Kit (EDK)

Where permitted, we can provide kits of certain injectable medications required to alleviate pain or treat infection in order to modify dangerous behavior or preserve life.

Medication Room Review Services

Our clinical pharmacists review your medication room on site to verify compliance of all procedures and provide all documentation of inspection.

Policy and Procedure Manual

We provide a detailed policy and procedures manual that is developed with your input, and assist in developing, implementing and monitoring these procedures for safe and effective ordering, distribution, control and use of inmate medications.

Nurse Consulting

Our Nurse Consultants offer expert advice and support to your Directors of Nursing, Regional Nurse Managers or Administrators, helping to improve inmate patient outcomes and reduce costs.

Pharmacy Consulting

Trained in mental health and other specific branches of pharmacy, our Consultant Pharmacists provide ongoing monitoring for appropriate, effective and safe patient medication use. They also screen each inmate's profile to ensure safe and therapeutic medication administration.

Staff Training and Education

In addition to the expertise that PayLess brings to our daily work with you, we also offer workshops, inservices and other educational opportunities with your needs in mind.

Flexible, Dedicated Billing Solutions

Our billing specialist provides custom solutions for your facility. We keep abreast of insurance company changes and provide a prior authorization department to work with doctors to meet the needs of your inmates. We also offer a dedicated medical records expert to make sure your medical records process works for you, and provide direct billing to insurance companies and other responsible parties.

Easy, Fast Documentation

Our online Medication Administration Records (MARs) ensure that your paperwork meets the high standards required and allow you to make changes on your timeline. Our online MARs allows you to order refills, print physician orders or communicate inmate information changes to the PayLess medical records expert dedicated to your facility. Our MARs contain inmate name, allergies, diagnosis and current medication list with directions.

We also offer various different types of monthly formulary management and usage reports customized to meet your specific needs.