As a recognized authority in development disabled group home medication programs, we know to design programs to address the rules and regulations that you follow, instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, our customers say that they have never received the level of support that they have with our team.

We work with an agency to make pharmacy smooth over all homes so that your staff, including the on-call pool, can comfortably move from site to site and know the pharmacy system. Our flexible, customized solutions include:

Our custom packaging system allows medication dispensing to patients, secure in the knowledge that it has been correctly verified by our expert pharmacists.

Flexible, Dedicated Solutions

We want your residents to be able to experience life, and offer packaging for them to take to school, their work place, or on vacations.

Our billing specialist also provides custom solutions. We can set up each home to individual specifications, or implement consistent systems so that a group of homes all work in the same way. We keep abreast of insurance company changes and provide a prior authorization department to work with doctors to meet the needs of your residents. We also offer a dedicated medical records expert to make sure your medical records process works for you.

Easy, Fast Documentation

Our online MARs ensure that your paperwork meets the high standards required and allow you to make changes on your timeline. Capable of printing a physician's order to send to doctor appointments, our online MARs allows you to order refills, print physician orders or communicate changes to the PayLess medical records expert dedicated to your facility.